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Toni Villa joins Hera Medical Devices as a Marketing Director of Latin America.

Hera Medical Devices is proud to announce that Toni Villa has joined the executive team as a Marketing Director of Latin America. With almost 40 years of experience as a communications strategist, Toni is a specialist in the development of comprehensive communication platforms for social programs oriented to achieve engagement and community participation. Hera's Chief Marketing Officer, Marta Gray, has said of Toni joining the team: "We are so pleased to welcome Toni to our team. Her depth of experience, market knowledge and commitment to women’s health is second to none.” Toni will be responsible for overseeing Latin America marketing activities to ensure successful adoption of our cervical cancer screening technologies. On her involvement with Hera Medical Devices, Ms. Villa commented: "Being part of Hera Medical Devices is a privilege. In a world where millions of women die daily for not having access to the best life-saving technology, Hera is the opportunity that will make a difference. For me, this is the opportunity to create equality." We couldn't have said it better ourselves! We are confident that Toni's expertise and passion for cultivating strong community platforms will be influential in establishing Hera as a leader in the world of cancer screening tools.


About Toni Villa

In almost 40 years of career as a communication strategist, she has offered her knowledge and experience on strategic communication, positioning, differentiation, communication alignment, message strategy, communication platforms aimed at generating business, internal communication and training of spokespersons to companies such as Cisco Systems, Xerox Mexicana, Telmex (Corporate), Microsoft Mexico and Lat

Am, Arianespace, EJ Krause de México, Comdex México, Consorcio Red Uno, Softtek, Grupo Posadas, Sheraton, Afianzadora Insurgentes, Maxcom, AMD México y LA., Dell México, Roche, Sofftek, Onko Solutions, Santamarina & Steta, Amazon Global, ShopBop, Ixe Banco , Bepensa (Coca Cola Sureste), KHS México, AMIIF, Lamuño Hermanos, Dina Camiones, Aspect México, Sánchez Rosaldo Talento y Arte, and in association with Sofftek for strategic communication to serve internal clients: Bimbo, BBVA, Banamex, Scottia Bank, as well as a long history in educational support institutions such as CONAFE (National Council for Educational Development) and INI (National Indigenous Institute) and UNETE. Active participant in food sustainability projects with Earth Box Mexico. Active member of the 50 + 1 Collective in pursuit of substantive parity. Passionate about studying the benefits that technology can bring to society, and the importance of maintaining a trustworthy position between organizations and audiences. Creator of the Communication with Purpose methodology to generate self-management in companies and organizations in the management of their communication platforms and resources.


We could not be more thrilled to have Toni Villa join our team!


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