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Hera Diagnostics COO & General Counsel, Delaney Dunn Dichoso, participates in Femtech Week panel.

Bridging the Gaps in Traditional Healthcare for Womxn Around the World.

Femtech Week, a Femtech Media production, happening October 5-12, 2021 is a curated selection of virtual events, content, and activities designed to engage women with the femtech industry and provide them with the tools they need to be active, empowered participants in their own healthcare.


“It’s critical to highlight the incredible progress of femtech—now an industry projected to be valued at over $1 trillion by 2027—and to broaden access to the femtech tools available to women around the world,” says Christina Vanvuren, founder + CEO of Femtech Media.

“Femtech solutions often fill gaps in care that have been unaddressed by the traditional healthcare system, so informing women of what’s available to them can, in the worst cases, be quite literally a matter of life or death.”


As an impact-driven health solutions company dedicated to developing diagnostic solutions that bridge the gaps in healthcare today – starting with women’s health - Hera Diagnostics is honored to be a part of this incredible event.

About Femtech Media

Femtech Media produces events and activations that amplify and celebrate femtech (aka women’s health tech) and the leaders who are working hard to transform healthcare into a safe, affordable, equitable place for womxn.

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