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Marta Hill Gray joins Hera Diagnostics as Chief Marketing Officer

Hera Diagnostics is proud to announce that Marta Gray Hill has joined the executive team as Chief Marketing Officer for Hera Diagnostics. Marta is a specialist in promoting innovations in Women’s Health, a theme that became the focus of her practice at the Gray Matter Group. Hera Diagnostics CEO, Teo Tijerina, explained: “We were looking for someone to join our Founding Team who shared the same passion for saving lives on a global scale, and delivering superior value to the fem tech sector in developed economies. We are thrilled that Marta has agreed to join us in this adventure.” Marta will be responsible for overseeing US and Mexico marketing activities to ensure successful adoption of our cervical cancer screening technologies. On her involvement with Hera Diagnostics, Ms. Hill Gray commented: “It is my great honor to be joining Hera Diagnostics. It is exciting to be a part of a company that is so committed to improving the quality of health care for women; and as a result saving lives. For me, there is no more meaningful pursuit.”


About Marta Hill Gray

With over 30 years experience in media, marketing, sponsorship and communications, Marta Hill Gray has worked with a range of businesses from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. Before going out on her own she served as the head of sponsorship for Sesame Workshop, parent company of the beloved “Sesame Street” brand and television show, along with other notable children’s programs.

Marta has worked with pharmaceutical companies launching new products, women’s health organizations, non-profit organizations, spokespeople and key opinion leaders to bring innovation and a new lens to initiatives where creativity and collaboration led to expansion, growth and increased revenues. A tireless supporter of women, she has testified multiple times at the FDA as an advocate for new treatment options in women’s health, and serves as a board member, advisor and mentor to organizations focused on the advancement of women.



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