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Hera's CEO, Teo Tijerina will be a featured speaker on women's health innovation summit

We are proud to announce that Hera CEO, Teo Tijerina, will be featured as a speaker at the upcoming Women's Health Innovation Summit in September. A forum for the foremost minds and trailblazers in women's health technology, this digital summit has the goal of driving much-needed innovation at the convergence of healthcare and technology.

Featuring 80+ leaders from the women's tech health space, the Summit's mission is to advance research, investments and partnerships to improve the access and quality of healthcare for women worldwide-a mission Hera shares through our work on Instapap, our cervical cancer screening tool. Women's health is an under-served space from an innovation and clinical science standpoint. Cervical cancer screenings in particular are a social justice issue worldwide, but especially in Mexico, the home country of many of our team members. In Mexico, cervical cancer is a leading cause of death for women, and that is something within our power to change. We are eager to address this challenge through HeraFem's revolutionary technology, and are proud for Teo to represent our solution to the outdated practices around cervical cancer screenings. Teo is joining a list of distinguished speakers from the pharma, medical device, start-up, investor, and insurer spaces, supported by groundbreaking sponsors including Health Decisions, Myovant Sciences, Renew Life, Watkins-Conti, and Sebela Pharmaceuticals. We invite you to join us for this event starting on September 14th! To register, please visit the Summit website here:


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