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Encore Health has joined Hera Diagnostics as a seed round investor.

Encore Health was established in 2014 in Monterrey, Mexico, with the goal of making state-of-the-art medical equipment and high-end technology available to the healthcare system in Mexico. Since its founding, they have partnered with the medical device market's top companies to make services of unsurpassed quality available to people across the country. With their dedication to continued innovation in the world of medical devices and their legacy of contributing positive social impact to their community, we are very excited to welcome Encore Health as an aligned partner and supporter.

Regarding Encore’s investment, Hector Del Garza, CEO of Encore Health commented: "Encore Health is proud to collaborate with Hera Diagnostics, sharing the same vision of developing cost effective technology that revolutionizes cancer screening procedures, for the sake of improving health. We also share with Hera the social commitment to contribute to the medical community, providing practical solutions that facilitate the prevention and care of cancerous diseases. We're excited to start this new project with a company like Hera Diagnostics and with its team of valuable professionals, whose experience and trajectory as developers of cervical cancer screening technology can lead us to find new devices and ways to detect and treat cancer at early stages, thus allowing a healthier society worldwide. Encore Health is convinced that this collaboration and partnership will take us all even further in our projects and goals as a main player in medical science, ensuring success of all involved. We´re ready to begin the next step!"

We're very excited to welcome Encore on board, and look forward to the great work we will accomplish together in bringing improved cervical cancer screening diagnostics to the world of women's health.


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